Christmas in the Countryside


For the next two weeks we will be vacationing in the countryside at our mom’s family farm. This is the only time we really ever get away from home. We like the visit, just not the traveling. The question, as always, is Will Santa be able to find us? I am hoping yes, because I have been striving extra hard this year to be good and don’t want to miss out on any rewards that I might have earned.

Also, my sister Tiger brought up a good point: if Santa “sees you when your sleeping” and “knows when your awake” and “knows if you’ve been bad or good” doesn’t that make him an expert snoopervisor? If not, he’s a bit of a creeper!! There are a lot of cats to snoopervise let alone children! I wonder if he could use some help… I’m a good snoopervisor and maybe I could use it to earn some additional “good” credits just in case…



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