Are you Purrpared for Santa?

Good afternoon! My name is Tiger Harris and I am a girl. A lot of times people think the name “Tiger” is naturally a boy name, but it is good for girls too and it suits me just fine. I am excited to be participating in this blog with Dora, Trouble & Spooky. I hope you enjoy reading it and please feel free to comment!

So, the last 2 weeks of each year, we spend our time in the countryside at Mom’s family farm. I will say that it is a bit exciting always having people coming by to play with us, pet us, give us tasty treats etc. I especially enjoy watching out the window here. Our regular home is in a second story apartment in a boring little town. We used to have trees outside with birds but some big dirty men with saws cut them down and replaced them with some twigs sticking out of the ground that probably aren’t strong enough to hold a hummingbird… Boring! But out here, we can sit at the window and see the garden, greenhouse, driveway & fields. There is always something going on! We see mice sometimes too! And other cats and tons of birdies! There are people driving by on strange cars with huge rear wheels and no roof. There is sooo much to see. Sometimes we even see “wild creatures” and that is a little scary…

Santa is scheduled to come by a little later this week. I am hoping I have been a good enough kitty. This whole Santa thing is pretty curious to me. He supposedly comes at night but the past few years, I have peeked out the window and never caught a glimpse of him. You would think for all the things we can see out there that Santa might be among them. I’m going to try again this year and will let you know what happens. Signing off.

By Tiger Harris



4 thoughts on “Are you Purrpared for Santa?

  1. Hi Tiger! Looks like you all probably had a great time at the farm in the country for Christmas! I think Tiger is a lovely girlcat name myself……what’s in a name after all??? I’m sure Santa found you out in the country – he knows EVERYTHING!!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

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