Waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy Behind!

Well….. what can we say? We haven’t been very good at keeping up with our blog! In fact we’ve been downright TERRIBLE at keeping up with it! So, lets try again. We may not get something up every day but we’ll try to do better than we have. We don’t have a theme either, really, so we are hoping to work into that as we go. Today we are lounging at home… trying to catch up on a lot of things with Moms help. Poor Dad isn’t feeling well so we are sitting & purring with him in turns to help him get better too. He thinks he ate something bad. Yuk!

So, as many of you already know, Dora, Trouble and I are members of the Cat Scouts. Spooky decided not to join for now. We are about to embark on Patrol Games. Our Patrol is called “Powerful Paws.” The games haven’t begun yet but we are very excited about it! Can’t wait to see what all it will entail. Cat Scouts is a great organization! We have met tons of great cats there & have lots of fun. Mom loves it too – she says the cats & Denmaster are so nice & its been enjoyable to engage with us in a different way. I think she enjoys the healthy competition as much as we do! We won a Neckerchief and Woggle from the Cardwood Derby that we had in the Scouts last fall. Ive attached a picture of me sporting it. I loved wearing it!


Well, Im going to sign off for today & put on my thinking cap so I can post something tomorrow! Thanks for bearing with us getting this going!

~ Tiger


4 thoughts on “Waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy Behind!

  1. Golly you look smashing in your neckerchief and woggle! Cat Scouts is tons of fun and I love the name of your Patrol Den….I still don’t have my neckerchief and woggle though – I think Denmaster FORGOT ME!!! Sniff Sniff…..

    Hugs, Sammy

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