Keeping Warm


Hello! My name is Spooky and I’m an almost-9-year-old tortoise shell. I started life as a feral cat until I met my mom, and after quite some long time, I decided I wanted to trust her and be her cat. It was a good decision, as now I’m an indoor cat living in, what I would consider, a “cat’s paradise.” I am very quiet an reserved. I spend most of my time sitting peacefully on Mom’s lap or right next to her. Dad makes me nervous but I let him pet me once in a while. Trouble is my grandson – his mother, Mella Carmella, was my daughter. Tiger & Dora are my great-granddaughters – their mother, Buff Lady, was Mella’s daughter from a previous litter.

Now that you know a little about me, I would like to say that my area of expertise is in safety and health, as well as caring for kits. Mom always said I was a very good mother, ever since I had my first litter of kittens on her bed while she was a work one day. I chose her bad as it was the safest, warmest, softest place I could find. And I knew Mom would sleep somewhere else that night so she didn’t disturb my new little family.

I council all cats to please find a place to stay that is sheltered and as warm as possible in this terrible weather! It is much too cold to be out and about. Find a shed, garage to get into, a foundation to crouch near for radiant heat – maybe with a deck for shelter. I know this can be hard from my time living outside but you must try to do this. Please be safe!

It is nice to meet all of you & I will be talking to you all more in the future!



4 thoughts on “Keeping Warm

  1. Spooky you’re a beautiful lady……and I agree with you about cats trying their best to find a safe and warm place to live……I’m so happy I have one and we’re trying to make sure our outside cat Stevie has one too – she won’t come inside but we bought a nice heated house for her and she’s at least warm and safe. Nice to meet you!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. Sage advice from a cat who knows. The article was so interesting and a glimpse into your life. When my biological mom aa, brother and myself lived on the streets we became wary of hoomins. So when I adopted mom, I was still unsure of her. It’s hard to get over being on the streets.


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