In a World of Trouble!

This is my brofur, Trouble. He is the only boycat in our home. He was rescued with us but is about 2 weeks older that me & Dora. Mom found him one day born in a pile of sawdust in her dad’s old workshop. He had 3 brofurs, all ginger kitties. His mother, Mella Carmella, moved him and his brofurs a few days later and Mom couldn’t find them. Then, Mella came up to the porch one day with a lil boy in tow and Mom named him “Ghost” because his ginger color was so pale. Well, Mom says that lil Ghost was a sweetheart. When the time came to rescue us kitties, Ghost was right there! Dad decided to change his name though… he said that he was a boy and that meant he would be trouble so he called him Trouble! MOL what a purrfect name for him!

Here is Trouble when we first all moved to Dads:


Then when he got a lil older:


Now, All Dora & I can figure is that Trouble does the things he does because he is a boy. He finds unique places to climb and sleep – I would never consider some of the places he goes!

The worst trouble ever caused by Trouble was when he climbed to the top of the refrigerator when Mom & Dad were away and jumped from the top to the counter across the way… the”kicker,” no pun intended, was that he kicked the freezer door wide open when he jumped!!! Of course, none of us could reach to close it… It sat like that for hours. I’ve NEVER seen Dad so mad as that time. He blocked off the top of the refrigerator and duct taped the freezer door shut. Mom waited till Dad left and laughed. She made us all feel a lil bit better.

Well thats a glimpse into the World of Trouble…. he’s my only brofur and even though he messes with us gals, we still love him. ❤ Tiger



8 thoughts on “In a World of Trouble!

  1. Tiger…Thank you for sharing a little about your brofur Trouble. My mom says he’s a very handsome mancat.

  2. What a tiny bundle of joy Trouble was. You can tell by the size of his feet…he was going to be a strapping mancat. He IS a big mancat but a very handsome one. Some days trouble just finds one.

    Hugs, Shoko

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